When the COVID “pandemic” started back in March of 2020, I was in shock, as was the rest of the world.  This was the first time in my life that I’ve ever been part of a “lockdown”.  Initially I was worried because the news all over the world portrayed the coronavirus as a mysterious, super infectious, massively dangerous virus that was causing people in china to literally fall down out of nowhere and start shaking and convulsing.  I heard rumors that the virus had liquified someone’s organs.  Another person talked about how it makes you stop breathing and die from suffocation. 

I listened to the news and stayed my ass home.  I wasn’t taking a chance and catching it and getting fucked for life or die!  I remember getting so pissed if a friend came to visit and sneezed or worse, farted in my kitchen!  I literally yelled at them to go outside while I sprayed the air with Lysol.

And so initially I stayed home. And I learned to appreciate my home.  Especially when someone I dated in Austria told me about how hard core they were being locked down.  Most of them stuck in tiny apartments and not allowed to go out for any reason.  It made our lockdowns look like pure freedom.

During the summer of lockdowns, I studied health and fitness and started intermittent fasting.  I got in great shape quickly and started working out in my backyard and swam in my pool. 

Aside from being healthy, I got hyper focused on building my business.  I know that every crisis has it’s ending and when things get better, the businesses surviving will have less competition and can gain a larger piece of the market.  That was my goal.  To expand heavily and to strengthen my operations while keeping my financials in order so I can stay afloat.

I also learned about how much fun it is to play outside at the park.  For years, I’ve been stuck indoors working on my computer and building my business. Now with COVID, the world had slowed down, essentially put on “pause”, and allowing me some room to breathe and to get out of the house and do something fun.  This is where disc golf came in.

Paul Chosy, my excellent hair stylist and funny pothead friend, told me to join him and the crew for some disc golf.  I finally relented and went out to see what the fuss was all about.  Man, I was hooked the minute I threw a disc.  I could see so many fun challenges in the game and how much it combines power, finesse, agility, hand eye coordination, and flexibility, in order to get the disc from the starting pad all the way to the basket at the end.

I played with these guys 3-4 times a week.  What else was there to do? We would go out in 116 degree weather, the sun making our skin sizzle, with our shirts off, bodies slathered in sunscreen, and hauling big heavy backpacks full of discs, water bottles, music speaker, and of course, some modelo and weed ;)

Between each hole, I would do a variety of body workouts.  I got myself into great shape playing disc golf.  We would walk non-stop for 2-3 hours and the exercise never seemed like exercise once.  I would play until the sun went down or my body gave up.  But often, I could go even longer if I wanted.  The fresh air and sun had woke up the stamina in me that I used to have when I was a professional dancer.  In those days, I would dance every day, from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on how many numbers I did in the show.  And on Fridays and Saturdays, we had two shows!  So my cardiovascular shape was out of this world.  But now, semi-retired in 2020, I wasn’t close to that level of fitness. But the disc golf got me moving back toward that condition again.

We would still get some calls here and there, but my business was basically dead.  We were barely doing 30% of what we did the year prior.  I had to go through my savings, cash out half of my IRA, and get a few personal loans, just to keep the business going.  My bills never went away and I continued to pay my personal and business bills on time throughout this. 

So to say I haven’t sacrificed to keep my business going is an huge understatement.  There is NOTHING that I won’t do to make my company and brand reach the top of the exotic entertainment world.  I have always been a proponent for being the best of the best, and I’ll never waver in my commitment to creating and providing the best in exotic adult entertainment.  And in that pursuit, I have grown Wild Entertainment into the entity that it is today.

Bachelor parties in Las Vegas dropped drastically in 2020

A lot of my dancers kept in touch with me throughout the summer and fall.  There problems were all the same.  No nightclub, no strip club, no bar, no lounge, no job, no opportunities.  It was the quietest Las Vegas had ever been since it’s inception. 

We ran our billboard truck for a few weekends but soon realized it wasn’t worth it.  And we stopped advertising on Google for a while.  There just wasn’t any business coming into town.  At least, not a lot in the party service division.  But in the one-on-one’s and one-on-two’s the companionship business was starting to pick up.  During Covid, people weren’t planning their bachelor parties or spring break vacations in Las Vegas.  Almost all of that was cancelled and postponed until when the crisis is over.  And that won’t happen until late spring of 2021 most likely.

During 2020, I dated a Bulgarian girl from Austria named Sandra,  Beautiful girl, smart, hard working, kind.. she had a lot going on that I admired.  We got wrapped up in a whirlwind romance and we even had plans of moving her out to be with me.   A couple months into it, she began to realize the extent of my exotic entertainment business.  It started to shock her that I would be working with my talent in intimate settings.  Taking photos and videos of them in sexy revealing clothes and doing provocative moves.  This was all for the marketing.  Still it started to bother her more as she thought of the worse case scenarios.  She couldn’t imagine that I could be loyal while running this kind of business.  She was concerned I would be tempted and stray at the Love Bunnies parties I hosted.  I understood her feelings but I couldn’t handle the awkwardness or the looks of false accusation from her.  It wouldn’t matter what I would say or do, this business and lifestyle of mine was too much for her to handle and so she went back to Austria.

Since her, I dated another girl very briefly, and then remained single throughout most of the year.  Now I’m dating again but definitely taking my time as I’ve learned that when you’re in a hurry and try to rush a relationship, it never works.  You don’t want to move things forward too fast. You want to take your time and really get to know the person you’re with before getting committed.  I’m not scared of commitment. I’m just making sure whoever I commit to is worth it.  And there should never be in hurry.  Just go with the flow.

2021 was also the year I got very political.  Most of my friends will say that I tend to go off on my Instagram stories sometimes.  And I’ll have the occasional argument with my liberal friends on Facebook.  I can tell you that I really hate arguing about politics.  I feel like, if you’re smart enough to realize how shitty the government really is, then you’re just unhappy with that fact and then even more unhappy when radical liberals who have blind faith in the media try to tell you how to be, or how bad or stupid you are for supporting anyone not named Biden.

I became a liberal conservative (I believe in equality, freedom of speech, and less government) and I voted for Trump. Not because I like the guy but more because I hate how the MSM (mainstream media) and Big Tech have been using their platforms and reach to influence so many people and to basically control the popular narrative.  Censorship is a huge deal and when people don’t pay attention to it, it shows how blindly people will follow their liberal governors, mayors or celebrity favorites and do whatever they say without questioning the purpose behind it.  They basically have learned to not think for themselves, but instead, latch onto the news or some influencer who will confirm that what they’re thinking is right and that they’re the good Americans trying to make the world a better place.  But I see that as complete mass manipulation.  I don’t believe the Democrats have done anything to prove that they are the party for the common people.  I don’t think they really care about black lives or equal rights or ending racism or helping the LGBT community.  They just “say” all the right things to convince you.  They pander to you and that fakeness stands out to me and blinds me like the sun. 

I can see clearly what they are trying to do and I cannot stand it.  I was been born and raised to believe that everyone is equal and deserves the same human rights.  I believe in fairness and that we should all follow the law.  I believe in improving the quality of life for the common people and reforming the school systems to produce smarter, autonomous and independent thinkers and entrepreneurs.  I believe in some Socialistic principles but with a capitalist system at the helm.  I don’t believe in controlling people and giving them benefits as I see fit.  Welfare should be a band-aid and rehabilitation should be the answer.  Taking someone from being homeless to having a job and owning their own house should be the ultimate goal.  That is the overall humanitarian goal that we should all share.  But this COVID “plandemic” almost seems like an evil blameless way to wipe out a large portion of our society that isn’t productive and exhausts our living resources.  It attacks the elderly, the sick, and for some reason, it appears to hurt more African Americans.

If you look at Bill Gates and how he has been so involved early on with COVID, you can’t help to think that some of this could’ve been done for very sinister reasons.  Certainly Jeff Besos has had no issue with the virus as it had netted him over $20 billion dollars IN ONE DAY!  And it has increased his market share insanely as many of his small business competition have been virtually wiped out from the shutdowns and COVID restrictions.  And many other Big Tech companies grew as more people went online since they were stuck in their homes.

Is COVID bad?  It’s a worse and more contagious version of the flu.  Does it mean we should shut down our businesses?  Fuck no!  Does it mean we shouldn’t wear masks?  Of course we should, but within reason.  To make someone wear a mask so they can walk into a restaurant, sit down, and take it off, is the essence of idiocracy and promotes the feeling that this is an exercise in population control and the installation of communistic principles. 

Okay, fuck politics, let’s talk about the sexy entertainment industry.  While the year was slow, I stayed home and made my business grow.  I began to look for talent in other major cities and started to establish my brands everywhere.  I also focused on improving my talent base and my order fulfillment process.  I was getting more and more compliments as our quality of talent and level of service continued to rise.  I knew I had a good thing going, but it was going to take a few more months of being in the red before I could start the rise back to the top.

I’m working with a club and show now and we’re looking to make a big splash next year.  While a lot of people decided to goof off and fuck around during the summer of COVID, I did the opposite and got hyper focused.  Now I’m poised to take on the business and really get my brand up and running.  And my talent pool is ready to take over the city by storm!  We will continue to strive for greatness and build our brand and soon the world will know about Wild Entertainment and it’s network of exotic superstars!  The future is bright, let’s go get it.