Strip clubs vs private stripper parties in Las Vegas in 2021

February 17, 2021

by Steve Kim “The Ecdysiast”   

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then it means you’ve survived the insane year of 2020.  It was the year of washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks and face shields, and not being able to travel and have fun as usual.

Luckily Las Vegas has come a long way since COVID-19 restrictions were announced in March of 2020.  The city has done everything possible to make sure great city is safe and open for visitors.  Thanks go the hotels, gaming commission and our city’s own COVID-19 task force, we’ve been able to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus though temperature check stations, sanitizing options, mandates for masks and capacity restrictions, and of course, social distancing.

Now you’re probably wondering, is the city even fun to visit anymore?  With the lack of shows, nightclubs and strip clubs, what is there really to do?  Let’s dive deep into those questions and find some helpful information to help you decide what to do when you come to Las Vegas in 2021.

Table of Contents

Are nightclubs and strip clubs open in Vegas?

Yes a few of them are but with restrictions at the moment.  Here’s the current list of changes:

  1. Pool parties have become hotel adult pools
  2. Nightclubs are now lounges
  3. There are no longer guest lists or general admission.
  4. A table reservation is required for admittance.
  5. There is no dance floor for dancing 
  6. No standing at the bar
  7. Only 4 people to a table

Which nightclubs and strip clubs are open?

  • Marquee (temporarily Marquee Lounge).  Open Fri/Sat from 9pm to late.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • XS Nightclub (temporarily XS Lounge).  Open Fri/Sat from 10pm to close.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Tao Nightclub (temporarily Tao Lounge). Open Fri/Sat from 10pm to close.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Drai’s Afterhours (temporarily Drai’s Lounge). Open Fri/Sat from 10pm to close.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Kamu Karaoke. Open seven days a week from 6pm to 8am.  Starting at $100/hour (after 10pm bottle purchase is required)

Are pool parties open?

A few pool parties plan to re-open in March 2021.  They will be 21+ to enter and will be open from Fri/Sat/Sun from 11am to close. 

New restrictions for pool parties include:

  • No general admission
  • No guest list
  • Table Reservations required (starting at $250)
  • Limit of 4 people per table 

The list of pool parties that will re-open are:

  • Daylight Beach Club.  Open Friday – Sunday 11am-close.  Table reservation required, starting at $250.
  • Encore Beach Club.  Open Thursday- Sunday.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Marquee Dayclub. Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Wet Republic.  Open Thursday – Sunday 11am-close.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.
  • Liquid Pool.  Open Thursday – Sunday 11am-close.  Table reservation required, starting at $500.

Do we have to wear masks?

All venues require you to wear a mask unless you’re seated and with a drink.  Otherwise a mask must be worn at all times.

But in a private residence or rented hotel room, the mask rule is up to the registered guests.

What are private stripper parties?

It’s basically when you take a hotel suite or Airbnb and turn it into a nightclub/strip club experience.  It includes a party host/music deejay who comes equipped with premium Bluetooth speakers, customized music playlist, and a suitcase full of fun items such as adult toys, games, bathroom products, as well as loose cash to provide change.  He or she escorts the dancers into the residence and introduces them to the partiers.  The guests are then treated to a custom strip club experience in which the girls dance freely, on poles, on laps, on the floor, in bed, in the bath, doing all kinds of adult games, tricks, and dancing.

What’s safer, a private stripper party or a strip club?

Well that all depends on who’s attending! Most strip clubs are fairly safe but if a customer gets too drunk and screws up, the club will call the police and have him thrown in jail! On the other hand, if you’re at your very own private stripper party, any of your friends can get too drunk and act the fool and no one is threatening him or throwing him in jail. Your can make sure your drunk friend is safe and taken care of, passed out in the guest room. And there is nothing safer than partying with your friends who you love and trust.  And as long as the strippers are safe as well then no one should have anything to worry about!  In the club, you take on all the risk of paying a bad stripper by accident. Don’t play “avoid the gold digging cash sucker” in the club.  Hire a quality girl from an elite and professional agency such as Wild Entertainment and get the most bang for your buck.

In Conclusion

There are still a lot of ways to have some adult fun in Las Vegas.  Stripper parties have always been hit or miss depending on the agency the customer books with.  With Wild Entertainment, you have assurances that the girls you get will be of the highest quality and will light up your party with their wild fun energy and bubbly personalities.  Strip clubs have always been popular back in the day, when it was dark and crowded and dances were full of friction.. and you could see the dancers face!  Now the restrictions have really hurt the strip clubs because the girls have to wear masks and keep a distance from the customers, unless alcohol or VIP packages are purchased.  This has caused regulars to stop visiting strip clubs due to the increase in prices and lack of the adult fun originally offered.  With a private stripper party, you’re able to enforce your own rules inside your residence or hotel room.  The good news is that COVID and 2020 have shed a light on the benefits and disadvantages of partying at a strip club versus your own private party.  Private parties have rapidly increased in popularity and now you can create your own true ultimate fantasy party with agencies such as Wild Entertainment and Love Bunnies.

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