Pro AbortionAgainst AbortionWomen’s Right To Choose
Defunding the PoliceSupporting the PoliceI support the police while I also believe in some level of police reform
Gun ControlGun RightsGun Rights (with limits)
Open BordersBorder ControlBorder Control
Higher TaxesLess TaxesLess Taxes
Weak MilitaryStrong MilitaryStrong Military
More RegulationsLess RegulationsLess Regulations
Let Anyone VoteVoter IDVoter ID
Pro WelfarePro Working ClassPro Working Class
Lockdown StateWorking EconomyWorking Economy
Big GovernmentSmall GovernmentLess Federal Control and More Power at the State Level
More Control/MandatesLess Control/MandatesLess Control/Mandates
Against Term LimitsFavor Term LimitsFavor Term Limits
LiberalismConservativeProgressive Conservative
Political CorrectnessFree SpeechFree Speech
Riots & ViolenceLaw & OrderLaw & Order
Tyrannical GovernmentFree RepublicFree Republic
Transgenders can compete in women sports without any biological transformationWomen Sports should have biologically female participantsTransgenders can compete if they have completed the surgical transformation necessary to be re-classified as a female
More Gay RightsLess Gay RightsMore Gay Rights
More CensorshipLess CensorshipCensorship only for terrorism and sex crimes
Black Lives MatterAll Lives MatterEvery race, sex, and sexual preference matters.  We must stop dividing our nation through identity politics!
AntifaAnti-AntifaI can’t find one reason to approve of what Antifa has done through its violent protests, property damage and destruction of many small businesses. There movement seems to be politically motivated by the left with malicious intentions.
Believes the media is honest and fairDoesn’t trust the media, feels it’s biasedThis should be obvious by anyone who can see, comprehend and think for themselves.
Worships Celebrities, Athletes, and MusiciansWorships GodI am spiritual and believe in a higher power. I don’t need to give a name to my “religion”.  I do not worship people. I believe we are living energy and controlled by our super-conscious.
Thinks television and movies are not biasedThinks television shows and movies becoming more liberal biasedThinks television shows and movies becoming more liberal biased
Wants to change the law regarding sex with minors to not be a crime if there is ten years or less difference.Wants the law to remain 18 years and up are legal for sex.Does not approve making sex with a child okay if there is less than ten years difference. Children under 17 should be with people their age. For example, 24 year old having sex with a 14 year old is NOT okay.
Wants to rely on China and Russia for energyWants to be energy independent. Also wants to work with Canada.Research has proven that the build out of solar and wind farms will come at a heavy cost to the environment.  Now is not the time to decide which American citizens has the right to earn a living or not.  They should finish the keystone pipeline and border wall.  After that, you can focus on clean energy. But right now, those projects need to continue as the workers and surrounding native Americans need them so their economy can continue. Otherwise they will be unemployed and possibly homeless.
Is okay with Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings with the UkraineWants to see a punishment exacted for these crimesWants to see a punishment exacted for these crimes
Wants you to stop using “mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, uncle, aunt” and just use words like “parent or sibling”Wants to avoid identity politics and controlling how people think and behaveStop telling me how to think, write or speak! aka mind your own damn business
Calls anyone who didn’t vote for Biden a “Trump supporter” and automatically assumes they are a white supremacistCalls anyone who prefers Biden a “radical liberal” and thinks they’re acting selfish and destructive.I don’t support any person or political party, I support my BELIEFS on ISSUES and that’s it.
Healthcare as a government benefitHealthcare provided by private insurance companiesWhatever it takes to lower health care premiums and minimums.

So those are my basic values for now.  This is just a general chart.  It doesn’t go into depth on my feelings on any specific issue.  If you have anything you wish to share, any feedback or questions, I’m all ears!  If you think you can change my mind on any belief, you’re welcome to try.  Just don’t get mad if I don’t change!  We should encourage everyone in our lives to be independent thinkers and to think freely.  It is okay to have our differences, that’s what makes us human.  What’s not human is trying to control what others think, feel and behave. That is tyrannical and driven by ulterior motives.