May 23, 2021 12PM PST

(I woke up today and finally had to get this off my chest.  I sincerely hope it helps a lot of people see things from a new and more helpful perspective.)

When trying to determine what is actually happening in our society, we must learn to rely less on the media and more on our inner network (aka “inner circle”).

What is your inner circle? Well, it starts with you. You are in the middle of the circle.

The 1st ring around you are people closest to you, such as best friends and family.

The 2nd ring is for school and work colleagues (or people you see on a regular basis, such as 2 to 3x a week).

The third ring is for acquaintances (people you see or talk to maybe 1 to 2x a month).
The fourth thing is for people you are familiar with (don’t have a relationship but have encountered them and have some basic understanding of who they are).

The fifth ring is the last ring and that is for people you have never met.

Right now, many people are giving too much emphasis on what is being told to them by people in the 5th ring.

This includes anyone on the news, celebrities, pro athletes, anyone who could be considered rich or famous. Examples are Don Lemon, Trevor Noah, Lebron James, Chrissie Teagen, Bruce Springsteen, Cardi B, etc.

These people have almost nothing in common with 99% of all Americans. They live a life completely different from ours. Their world is one in which they have agents, chauffers, chefs, security guards, access to anything they want 24/7. They have everything they want and live a life of luxury. These are not our friends and they do not reflect the wants and needs of you or I.

What people need to do is to focus on the 1st ring. When it comes to questions such as “how bad is racism really in America?”, you want to refer to your OWN EXPERIENCE first, and then proceed to ask your inner circle for their experiences as well. It’s like when a marketing agency puts together a focus group. When marketers want to know what people are thinking, they gather a group of people who represent a good sample of the demographic they want to study. The larger the group, the more accurate the data. They then ask this group a series of questions in order to get unbiased answers, which provides the data they need to make informed decisions.

This is what you need to do as well. Ask your friends and family about their experiences with racism. Be smart and specific with your questions. Have you ever experienced racism? How often has it happened to you? When was the last time you were shunned due to your race? Have you witnessed it as well? Has racism gotten better or worst in the past 10 to 20 years?
After that, you can ask your 2nd ring the same questions. Gather answers from everyone and start to form a FACTUAL opinion on the issue of systemic racism.

If you feel you need more data, then ask your 3rd ring next.

The answers you get from the people you trust are what matters the most. Not what your 4th or 5th ring tells you. These people know nothing about you and most the time, have nearly nothing in common with you. They don’t work 9 to 5 jobs. They don’t worry about paying bills or losing their jobs or being able to afford healthcare or necessities. They are on yachts partying half the time, while acting as “know it all judge and jurors” who routinely blast on the media their opinions, in order to sway people into having certain feelings about them. They want to be “idolized” so they can continue living their lavish lives and feeling like they are superior to everyone else.


If you use the Inner Circle Method, you will find the best answers to most of your life questions. It starts with you and ends with your acquaintances. It should never go beyond that. Trust the people you know, and not the bullshit you see on TV. Turn that shit off. Go read a book. Get fresh air. Don’t rely on the Internet to communicate. Have face to face conversations with your friends. Body language speaks volumes. Stop being a pawn in the game that the government/media has been playing since we were born.

I hope this helps. Good luck and live your best life! Freedom is a right, not a privilege! Take care 😉

Steve Kim