Get Woo’d – Part 5 – Sex Life

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And that’s when stripping became an option.

I wanted to ask you this because like earlier you had said like rolling the dice 21.. so clearly you’ve had a lot of sex in your life so does that mean like.. oh shit.. this may be the first time I talk about this.

Does that mean like, does it like diminish what it is.. like it’s not like.. it’s like whatever.. it’s like the physical touch is very important to a lot of people and sex is an exchange of energy.. does it not matter anymore because you’ve had so much of it? Or does it matter more now?

I feel like the reason why I’ve had a “healthy amount of sex” is because I’ve been this guy who.. I’m natural.. I don’t fake it, you know, momma raised me to be a good person to care about women and protect them and I respect them. I look at them like this versus this and a lot of guys don’t do that so women are very appreciative of the fact that I put my time into making them happy like..

here’s a funny story.. why not, f*ck it.. this is in my 20s and I’m in Oregon and I’m like smoking weed and drinking beer and I’m at a bar in Portland Oregon. I meet this beautiful girl she’s exotic and gorgeous and I take her back.. to my Mom’s place! I stayed with my Mom back in that time.. this is a transition period by the way.. I had moved back to Oregon and was temporarily staying with her.. anyways I’m still gonna get laid so I took her back to my place and because of the drinking and the smoking, I wasn’t my best but I felt bad and we.. it wasn’t like that bad but I wasn’t great so anyways we have a date and she goes “come to Washington and visit me this time” but this time I’m thinking I can’t let her down so I study for like a week before I go there.. kama sutra.. tantric.. I’ve always been.. I’m the guy who likes to learn.. I swear to God I like to learn sh*t, I study all the time and why be half-assed? If people gonna have sex, do it right, so why don’t you learn about it?

So I started studying, started kegeling, started learning all of the [sex] exercises.. I’m literally driving to Washington and doing kegels.. it was.. wait wait guys do that too? Yeah! You squeeze your nutsack like you’re trying to hold off. What is it? Oh. Okay.

You can make a really good living probably teaching people how to do that. I know! I’ve been told that.. you really can.. yeah I’m the guy that knows this stuff.. you can charge people 200 dollars an hour.. watching you on zoom.. I’m not kidding, I’m not even.. “do you want to nut better? Then you need to watch my zoom.” Waiiiit, there’s a tantric sex episode on this netflix series called “Unwell” and literally she charges people two hundred dollars an hour for her to teach them how to orgasm in their entire body.. there’s like 50 people on there.

But this man! He’s doing it to pleasure this woman that like you know you do it for yourself you did it to like you’re like “I’m gonna make this b*tch happy”.

It was it was mostly for her and then secondary.. I’m thinking that women are way up here.. so I’m gonna please her, I’m gonna take care of her.. so I drove to Washington squeezing my nutsack.. kegel kegel kegel.. and I’m working on it.. and I get there.. and I get the job done.. I get the job done! What does that mean? I killed it. you’re like “damn b*tch encore”. I felt like this is the first time I felt like a stud.. because this was the first time I cared enough to try and learn how to do it.

And I want sex to be great but I’ve had plenty of sex in my life and thought about it lot, you know and there’s a point where you’re done hoeing around just kinda of having fun and then you want to get a little more serious and you want to find someone that’s there for you. But in life.. you know what? You’re never going to have what you want, it’s going to be whatever you get and you got to roll with it.

I’m learning how to adopt and maybe change my feelings about things and kind of like, I met someone, she’s cool, she wants to do things a little differently than I do.. okay, maybe I’ll try that.

Like what you’re saying is not typically what I think society is used to hearing especially now when people are just talking about b*tches, side bae.. what I thought you were is not what you were explaining about.. wait wait wait what makes sex good and what makes sex bad? Coming from the expert.. yeah I mean you studied.. and had so much sex.. so much sex. So many girls out there are like “this motherf*cker..” Oh I got stories.. we need another episode just strictly on that.

Okay okay that’s that’s the thing about strippers that I relate to so well is we got into this lifestyle that no one else would understand where it’s just like given to you on a platter where people are just paying you because you’re so hot and you’re so sexy and here’s money and all that kind of stuff and so I understand all the strippers in Las Vegas and what their mentality is and now I own the business because I’m so good online that I can get all kinds of customers to find my websites and then I give them the real people (talent). I don’t fake them like all the other websites out there are using fake pictures and they give you bullsh*t service.. yeah I’m like “You know what? Why can’t I just match up the customers with the best dancers.. organize it so it all goes smooth.. so everyone has fun and everyone’s happy?”

Note from Steve

I hope people don’t take this interview the wrong way lol.  Yes I had fun as a model and dancer for 15 years.  When I was in relationships, I was monogamous (for the most part. I’m not gonna lie and say I was perfect, but neither were some of the girls I dated).  I had fun when I was single and I definitely had plenty of options so I enjoyed that phase of my life.  Every famous actor, musician, athlete, knows what this is like.  It’s a spoiled blessing and curse at the same time.  We get to enjoy variety and spontaneity, but we also get jaded and our opinions on relationships a bit skewed.  I’m just glad that as I grow up, I’m learning a lot about how to be a better person and how to have better relationships.

Your past doesn’t define you.  It should only educate you.  I know what I want in a friend or lover better than I ever did before.  And that’s a good thing.