Get Woo’d – Part 3 – Dating Life

Transcription (click to read)

Well Steve, are you single? Yeah. Do you think that the industry you’re in affects that? F*ck yeah. Can I say f*ck? Sorry. Yeah you can say whatever you want because this is explicit. Yeah. Fudge yeah! For YouTube.

Whatever.. yeah.. absolutely.. oh my God.. I’m those kind.. I’m the guy that.. I don’t know anyone like me that’s the kind of thing.. well how many guys you know grew up the way I did? Was a techie and successful and then got into modeling and dancing and was successful.. then started my own business and for the last 20 years, yes I’ve been very fortunate to be considered good looking and popular or whatever and I’ve had, you know, beautiful girlfriends and I’ve had my life be like a rock star at one point and that was fun and I absolutely appreciated it.

I’m very blessed for all of that. But do girls like that? Knowing that I had that kind of lifestyle? Probably not it. It makes me seem like a more.. like that kind of guy.. playboy.. f*ckboy! Yeah f*ckboy. Are you? I was! Hey every guy is a f*ckboy for a certain amount of time okay? I went through my f*ckboy stage.. not f*ckboy as an a**hole.. I was never disrespectful.. I was just this charming cute guy on stage and then the girls afterwards were like “oh you’re so cute” and I’m like “yeah right?” and you know, I had a lot of fun. Yeah. I would never ever have a midlife crisis, you know, I’ve already lived it up. Yeah.

Wait Steve, I must know what is like.. what you were looking for in a woman back then and what you’re looking for right now. Oh yeah. Is there a difference? Of course yeah of course. Okay let us know. Well for the first 15 to 20 years in Vegas. He’s like “up until five days ago”. Big boobs. Big ass. I would say honestly the last four or five years I’ve really come a long way, you know, four or five years now I’ve been able to accept the fact that, okay this sounds kind of crazy, I’m being very personal but I had once at one point in my life thought that if a guy didn’t have sex regularly, that you would lose some strength and virality and testosterone.

You ain’t a man! You’re not so much a man. I thought that you have to be consistently doing it all the time in order to really kind of keep your health and your youth and then I’d read later on finally later later later that this is pretty good too.. like you just have to be healthy and release it. I’m sorry what was that? When you when you f*cking roll the dice! Oh oh oh! Twenty one! Wait that’s a different game. is that is that okay? Is that the number you’re trying to get? The point is that you do it 21 times.. all you need to know is that. 21 times? I finally learned that I didn’t have to bang broads on a regular basis.. I.. sorry.. broads.. girls, you know what I mean. You learned that four years ago. Uhhh. You learned that three to five years ago? I think, you know, four to five.. three to four or five.. I don’t know.. it’s somewhere.. it’s been a haze.

Notes from Steve

This video came off a bit braggadocios.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging about my life, I just wanted to share what I’ve been through and what has happened in my life to make me who I am, and why I think the way I do about certain issues.

The message I wanted to convey was not about how successful I’ve been in certain areas in life.. it was to talk about why I was promiscuous during a certain stage in my life (when I moved to Las Vegas and started modeling and dancing).  I think it’s very interesting how men perceive having sex and validating their strength and masculinity.  I’m by definition an alpha male.  I always want to be the best at whatever I do and I’m highly competitive.  Sex was a sign of success back then.  Guys often brag about their sexual exploits and they are subconsciously comparing their success in bed with the friends around them.  It’s not a good or bad thing.  It’s how society has been for centuries and still is.  This is psychological.  I’ve never lied or tricked anyone into sex.  I’ve never abused it like a sex addict.  I went through my phase of over appreciating it and it wasn’t until later in life, when I learned it really doesn’t affect your testosterone too much, that I stopped emphasizing it and reduced the frequency of having it.  You don’t have to have sex very frequently to stay healthy and viral.  Your lifestyle, health and fitness routine are what matter the most.

But on a side note, I still have the same healthy sex drive as I did twenty years ago.  It’s crazy I’ve been able to maintain this for so long.  I believe it’s a result of my lifestyle choices during this time.  If anyone wants to learn how I do it, feel free to contact me, perhaps we can setup a consultation 🙂