Get Woo’d – Part 2 – About Wild

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And actually the last 10 years I started a company called Wild Entertainment. Wild entertainment is like this exotic exotic entertainment agency.. anything that’s hot and exotic, guy and girl, we can do.

So I have all the dancers in Las Vegas, the best of the best, seriously from exotic to go go to burlesque you name it.. the best girls out there and the guys.. and it’s really awesome because we’ve always been like that you know.. people come to Vegas and they hire us and they get the real deal! Yeah so we’re very proud (I’m trying to wrap this up.. been blabbing for so long) but I really love what we do.

I’m proud.. 10 years.. we’re number one and I love that I help people, especially dancers , especially those people.. be the best they can be.. stay away from the traps.. get away from the bad people.. there’s a lot of criminals and a lot of bad stuff going on and I’m trying to help them find a way that’s gonna be healthier and safer and give them a better life and so it’s a win-win situation.. I love it.. wow, that’s awesome! Bam! Bam! How’s that for a summary?