Get Woo’d – Part 1 – Steve Kim

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Hey guys! hey guys! This is Julie and this is Kelly and you’re watching “Get Woo’d”!

We have a very special guest with us today, this is vegas’ top performer, what do you do sir? Can you introduce yourself?

Okay what’s up everyone I’m Steve Kim in Las Vegas. I’ve been here for almost 20 years.. 18 but.. from Oregon and my background’s weird.

I was a software engineer for Microsoft, Intel, a bunch of high-tech firms and I was in Denver in 2002 during “dot com bust”. The “dot com bust” in 2002 meant everyone (software guys) lost their jobs.. it was the internet dumping down and I made six figures and then I got laid off and it was around that time that someone said (a friend of mine) said “you’re good looking why don’t you model?” and I used to hip-hop and break dance in high school so modeling got me discovered by Chippendales.

They flew me to Vegas to shoot for their calendar and then they hired me for their show. I never thought I would stay in Vegas for more than a year and then met my ex-wife a Brazilian and we were together for about three and a half years and I danced for Chippendales for six years.

After that, American Storm, all these shows I did Hollywood Men (the best show in LA), I did La Bare in Miami (the best show in Miami) so I’ve been with the best shows and to be this guy to go all over the world and the country and star in these shows and do such a good job and that’s just who I am and it just happened to be that way.