“Being sensitive to people’s energy is a good thing when applied the right people”
As much as a beautiful smile can turn me up

A mean frown can really get me down

Being “sensitive” to someone’s feelings means you care about them

If I was the opposite, I would be numb and not care about you

Sensitivity is not about matter of toughness whatsoever

Being sensitive is the ability or desire to feel what someone else is feeling

When people I care about are sad or mad, it affects me the same

My friends happiness or joy can make me feel amazing

Their emotions can pump me up or drain me down

That’s why it’s so important for me to have people with good energy around me

Too many energy vampires out there

You have to be smart with who you give your energy to

If it doesn’t come back then you need to step away as well

Energy should be a two way street

It needs to flow back and forth

When you share your energy with an “energy creator”

Then the energy exchange causes it to grow exponentially

And this is where the power in your life comes from

Be cautious about how and who you spend your energy with

Have a great tuesday y’all!